Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In the Beginning..

I suppose that every blog must start somewhere and I can honestly say I never thought mine would start with a car crash.

Exactly 10 months ago, I was reading Mockingjay on my commute [via light rail] into my downtown office. It was 7:30am on a crisp spring morning when, I walked up to a crosswalk and waited for the light to change. E-reader safely tucked away, I commenced my jaunt across the street thinking how glad wonderful that it was finally Friday!

And then, well, I got hit by a van.

This blog is a result of a life-changing experience that forced a work-a-holic into early temporary retirement. What do you do when you're no longer allowed to go to the gym? To work 50 hours a week? To go hiking or even to stand, shower or button your jeans without help and great pain?

Buy a Kindle when your doctor tells you that you can't hold a book open.
Make friends with a local used book store who supports your book addiction.
And read some more.

Then maybe, start a blog full of reviews and commentary on medical life and see what happens.

Shall we?